Welcome to the HEADSUP South Dublin partnership.

South Dublin HEADSUP  is supported under the umbrella of South Dublin County Partnership (SDCP) since 2011. HEADSUP pilot programme originated in South Dublin and SDCP is key to ensuring the programme is fully supported.

SDCP is a local development company in South Dublin County, Ireland. We develop and deliver projects to tackle poverty and social exclusion in the area. We do this through working together with people, local groups and partner organisations to address the issues that matter most. Heads UP operates under this ethos.

SDCP work is guided by our mission, vision and values:

Mission: Working with partner organisations to tackle poverty and social exclusion, focusing on the most vulnerable groups, we will: Create neutral spaces and opportunities for parties to work together on solutions; Initiate, develop and deliver projects; Enable and empower communities; Influence policy and decision making.

Vision: That South County Dublin is a place where people of all backgrounds and abilities, can realise their full potential within thriving communities. SDCP is embedded in the practice of community development, both as an area of work and an approach to engaging with people and groups. Our approaches to this work are underpinned and informed by a strong commitment to social justice and equality.

HEADSUP South Dublin
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Meet the team

David Hamill
Heads Up Coordinator
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Magdalena Niedzwiadek
Project Administrator
Magdalena is a Heads UP admin support in South County Dublin Partnership (SDCP) since June 2022 which primarily covers Tallaght and Clondalkin areas.
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Anna Taaffe
Anna has been part of the Headsup team for a numbers of years as a Life Planning and WRAP facilitator and was part of the development and delivery of the the Peer Support training for Heads UP Participants.
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Karen Keyes
Karen is life planning Facilitator on the the HEADSUP program for 3 years. She loves being part of a program which empowers men to come away with skills, confidence and knowledge to support their mental and physical well being.
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Wellness Events

The below section details all of our wellness events we've run to date. You can follow our Instagram page for more information on these fun events.

Minding your Well being: A good enough parent

Heads UP was delighted to speak at @tuslaireland & @southdublincountypartnership collaborative 'Winter Wellness' event this morning around parental well being. We touched upon identifying what causes us stress, the effects on the mind & body & the importance of having a self care plan.

When we each feel safe and loved, we have the ability to find solutions to things we can control in our lives & find acceptance in circumstances outside our control.

Like stated earlier, most parents/primary caregivers want nothing more than to have their children grow up to realise they matter & to place value on themselves. The best thing we can do as parents to develop this belief- is by practicing self care in our daily lives, to show children in our actions not only our words that it vital to look after yourself & certainly nothing we should feel guilty about. I understand its difficult for parents to put their needs first but it is important we don't forget about ourselves & have a guilt free 30mins to ourselves each day.

Empathy is our best tool as a parent & we need to protect it from burnout as we lose our ability to be empathetic. Very grateful for the feedback, I hope that it was beneficial for the 'good enough parents' in attendance. Be well & take care of you too.

November 24, 2020
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Wolf of Hope Walk in partnership with Suicide and Survive

Some of the staff @southdublincountypartnership that took part in a "physically distanced" walk in line with @irishhealthservice "Safety measures."

We were delighted to support @suicideorsurvivesos @the_wolf_run_sos

Let's continue feeding each others Wolves of hope & not forgetting about keeping our own Wolf of hope well fed too #NoStigma #HeadsUp #WSPD2020 #MentalHealthWellness #InvestInYourMentalHealthToday #InThisTogether2020

October 21, 2020
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World Mental Health Day 2020 with Pat Divilly

We had a very enjoyable 2 Hour session yesterday which we recorded but the part where we learned the most was when we stopped the recording and had a group discussion for an hour with the men from Heads up in Kildare and South Dublin. Pat shared some invaluable resources and invited the men to start his 14 day challenge to create helpful habits.

Time is the most valuable thing anyone has to give. Heads Up is very grateful to @patdivilly for his time & honesty in sharing his journey with Heads Up Participants from @southdublincountypartnership & from Kildare Heads Up. Also, appreciate the men for giving themselves the time to log in.

One of the men shared a poem he wrote the night before. Powerfully vulnerable and very true,

#Listen #Bekindtoyourselftoo ❤️ #WMHD2020 #BetheChange

October 10, 2020
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World Suicide Prevention Day 2020 with Rory Stories



#NoStigma #HeadsUp #Hope

Heads Up is very grateful to @rorysstoriesofficial for generously giving up his time to come out to have a chat with @heads_up_ch07 team, Participants & some staff from @southdublincountypartnership after we all completed a 2k walk@the_wolf_run_sos in the park.

When we speak from the heart, it impossible for the heart of the other not to listen.There's no doubt that Rory speaks from the heart. He is a big man with a big heart and like he emphasised earlier today, it is important to reach out for#help when needed.

Heads UP would like to wish Rory the very best with his third book and moving into his new home. Thank you mo chara. Keep her lit 😊

September 9, 2020
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Self-care is everyone’s responsibility

When we lack the practice of self care; it can be perceived as if we do not care- AK

We do the work because we care, mind yourself so you can fully support those that seek your compassion & understanding. Invest in yourself from today...

#Selfcare #Wellness #ProtectYourEnergy #FillUpYourCup #NoStigma #HeadsUp #YouMatter #InvestInYourself #SelfCompassion #MentalHealthWellness #WorkPlaceWellness

September 1, 2020
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Wim Hoff Method: Breathe with Niall

What an Epic experience for 12 men engaging in the Wim Hof Method on the Heads Up Wellness event. Learning life skills that can be implemented to cope with life's daily challenges; especially, in the times we are all living in. Lads faced the freezing ice water with their hands and feet in their own individual hand basin. However, the benefits of breathing technique cannot be understated. Working together but safely apart in groups of three, the men adapted to the ice water by controlling their breathing & placing trust in themselves and the power within their exhale. Like Níall has often stated to me, "Now more than ever we need to put into practice methods that protect & boost our immune system"

#HeadsUp #Wimhofmethod #Breathe #MentalHealthWellness

August 28, 2020
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If you, or someone you know is in crisis and needs support, please call or access the following link for helplines:
Mental health supports and helplines during Covid19

Due to Covid19 safety measures we have adapted our way of supporting to keep people safe and well. As such, we are presently delivering the Heads Up programme via Zoom and are offering psychosocial support over the phone when required. We look forward to meeting up again in person as soon as it is safe to do so until then please contact us for further information about upcoming programmes online.
Take care.”

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